In a globalized world, where people and cultures are mixing and merging together like never before, folk and independent music lacks a concentrated presence in India and Asia. Lack of interest and attention is putting this music under great threat. Song of Soul is extending support to the independent and folk music community through Livelihood, Sustainability and Promotion.

    Song of Soul is a government registered non-profit organisation working for the past thirty years to promote folk and traditional music of India. Our organisation is backed by eminent personalities of international repute.Song of Soul is supporting the rural musicians through serious collaborative workshops, training programmes and shows, to help them to earn and look at this art form as a promising and profitable venture. Song of Soul is also working towards relieving poverty in folk and tribal music communities by providing strong economic opportunities for long-term sustenance and also providing socio-care, medi-care and edu-care to the distressed folk musicians and their families.The organisation is recognised worldwide and have been invited to international music market events on a regular basis. The organisation have been successfully providing an international platform to the traditional and independent artists of India and have been organising International festivals in Kolkata under the name Kolkata International Music Festival. The festival has completed their 7th edition. So far the festival has supported more than 1800 traditional performers and showcased more than 150 International performers at the festival.Song of Soul is also working with Asia-based music professionals to strengthen the Asia music network and also promote Asian musicians and the music at the global music arena.


    ♪ To encourage self worth and respect for their culture by showing that it is appreciated in the wider world. 

    ♪Organise festivals for improving community well being in both short and long terms. 

    ♪ Organise music market, conferences where arts professionals from all over the world will participate in discussions and will help create a global market for the independent musicians of Asia. 

    ♪ Providing Socio-care, Edu-care and Medi-care to the distressed musicians, artisans and their families. 

    ♪ Develop national and international touring facility in order to harness a direct economic outcome.